workers compensation insurance

You choose employees for the value they add to your business — whether a key member of your management team, a skilled technician or your executive assistant. If anyone suffers an on-the-job injury, you want to try to take care of them and minimize lost productivity.

In a best-case scenario, you’re able to manage an injury so employees can get back to work as quickly as possible. And Daniel Medina Insurance has highly specialized workers’ compensation services that can help.

Workers Compensation insurance in Texas

A workers compensation policy can address medical care and lost income for your employees, death benefits for survivors, and your potential liability for covered claims.

Daniel Medina Insurance works with you to reduce costs and improve recovery times — by making quick contact with an injured employee and using excellent medical providers for a specific injury or illness.


Workers Compensation insurance discounts

Check out a few of Daniel Medina’s Insurance discounts aimed at lowering your Workers Compensation insurance cost.*Disclosure

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Already have another policy with Daniel Medina Insurance, such as auto, home, renters, RV, or boat? We’ll add a discount for bundling to your Workers’ Compensation policy.

Safe Driver Discounts

Being a safe rider pays off, and you’ll get a discount if you’ve had no accidents or motor vehicle violations in the last three years.

Workers Comp Challenges and How Daniel Medina Insurance Can Help

  • Multiple state operations

    Store hit by Storm


    You operate in multiple states, each of which administers workers’ compensation differently.

    Daniel Medina Insurance response:

    Daniel Medina’s Insurance highly experienced adjusting team can deliver injury management strategies that comply with the complex maze of state administrative laws.

     Reduce risk across organizations 

    Weather Alert


    Your office doesn’t have many obvious risks — but you’re not sure if your employees have had enough safety training.

    Daniel Medina Insurance response:

    From O S H A compliance to safety education, Daniel Medina Insurance can help you improve safety practices and reduce risk. A stronger culture of safety helps you manage work conditions and your employees more effectively, which can help improve profitability.

    Potential fraud



    You’re concerned about the negative impact of fraud on workers’ compensation costs.

    Daniel Medina Insurance response:

    Daniel Medina Insurance adjusters work with industry healthcare experts to review, identify and re-price questionably dishonest medical bills.

    Employee injuries

    Injured Son


    You want to know if employees recovering from injuries can perform their jobs with temporary modifications.

    Daniel Medina Insurance response:

    By speaking with an employee’s treating physician and work supervisor, adjusters can help identify physical limitations and the availability of appropriate modified duty.


Some popular business insurance options

Workers compensation coverage is just one component in a full menu of business insurance options available from Daniel Medina Insurance. Your agent can also discuss coverage for other possible risks like:


When a customer trips on a step at your office, she twists an ankle as she falls.

Business liability insurance can help with medical and legal costs when someone is injured on your company’s property.

When your business closes for repairs due to fire damage, you’re not able to generate business income.

Business property insurance can help when a covered event interrupts your company’s income.

No one is hurt, fortunately, in a large fire at your warehouse, but the cost of repairs will exceed the limits of your underlying business property coverage.

Umbrella coverage can help by adding an extra layer of liability insurance — up to $10 million.

Your delivery driver is momentarily distracted and causes a minor accident in the parking lot of an office park.

Commercial auto coverage can help when an employee causes an accident while on company business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance FAQ's

Who needs workers compensation insurance?

In most states, employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance – even for temporary or seasonal workers.

How much does workers compensation insurance cost?

Workers compensation insurance rates may vary based on factors such as a company’s state, payroll and claim history. Daniel Medina Insurance has a broad risk appetite, can customize insurance programs and offers competitive pricing.

Is all workers compensation coverage the same?

Because coverage is statutory, many think that all workers compensation coverage is the same. However, there are vast differences between insurance carriers – primarily in the products and services they provide. Daniel Medina Insurance offers a wide variety of products to suit our customers’ needs, as well as a combination of Risk Control and Claim services that is truly unique. Some of our products include dividend plans, captive programs, managed care plans, bundled and unbundled loss sensitive programs, and drug-free safety credits. In addition to our loss prevention and claim services, Daniel Medina Insurance offers premium audit options and flexible billing services and installment plans.